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Kalanje Village, TA Nkula, Machinga District along the Liwonde-Zomba road



Exploring the unrivalled local delicacies at Mama Mandevu’s Restaurant

Health is wealth and much of our health is cornered around the food we eat. In our modern times, foods have become so much about how fast they should be served to the ever growing population from the farm to the kitchens of different restaurants and homes. Feeding people has been much about feeding them anyway even if it kills us, long as it makes fast money.

At Mama Mandevu’s Kitchen, we take deeper understanding and passion as owned by Nutritionists and environmentalists, to oversee what we serve our beloved customers, from our well managed animal and fish farm to delivering what you see as mouth-watering traditional delicacies such as braai Nkhunda(Pigeons), Ducklings, Chambo, Bombe(Catfish), Pork and remixed variety  of nutritious local vegetables such as Mnkhwani, Khwanya, Bonongwe, Kholowa, Therere, Chigwada and many others.

In our quest to reserve our local heritage of exceptional cookery and culture, Mama Mandevu’s Kitchen is an irresistible place to be, to taste paradise of traditional food while enjoying our solitary environment and occasional appearance of Gule wamkulu that dances to the rhythm of your exciting moments at Mandevu as you sip your free Chimera Thobwa.

We are moments. Every time you visit Mama Mandevu’s Restaurant is a day of new experiences, a sign that you are really living. A sign that there is still a place you can enjoy health meals that lets you live to live and not die because of eating unhealthy food.

Now imagine what we are saying in this go through slideshow of what it is like to visit Mama Mandevu’s Restaurant. 30km from Zomba, available in just 2hours through road transport from Blantyre via M3 Zomba-Liwonde road and just close to the road as you need it to be.

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